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Meeting Minutes 03MAR2013

lead conference - ELCA to bring people together for contuing ed.  This year was stewardship.
Why give to the church?  People require a reason to give to an organization.  People want to hear
the tangible story of how your organization helps. 

movie night -
At Tobias' 7 couples attended and watched Fireproof.  Getting couples involved with the 40 Day challenge which can
be purchased from Amazon.  It is about recommitting to your significant other.  Lisa has Facing the Giants, Fireproof
and Courageous.

Update on Bank Choices :
Peggy researched.  Visited both banks.  Cambridge Bank, we would have to pay for the checking account and check fee.
Badger has free checking with no cost other than check purchase.  Mary Balen suggested that we should include a
debit card.  Badger may not have Internet banking for organizations, Peggy is going to check.  Opting to continue
with Badger regardless of internet banking capability.

Update on Joining forces for families - Janet :
Attended meeting on Friday.  Organization puts together resources to help families.  Basis of meeting was
how to coordinate the care among organizations.  Principal, Pastors, CAP, Officer Tony, Food Pantry, and others were in attendence.

CART ( Cambridge Area Resource Team ) headed by Pastor Dan works to bring resources together to help families
in need.  Sounds like there is a volunteer has come forward.  Office space has been provided.  Social Worker retiring
at Cambridge School would like to integrate Community and School having the new school counsilor be also the
community social worker.  question is where the funds will come from?  Possibly a social. 

CART is a longterm solution to organize community resources from various organizations to reduce duplication.
Meetings third or fourth Monday of the month @ Willerup.  Family Focus would like to participate or be in the loop
at a minimum until CART gets going.

concession stand : looking for volunteers when the time comes.
New Family Packet information

New Family coming into the community this week.  Family Focus contact information was provided in case the
the family needs additional information.  Lisa getting out current business cards.  There is Family focus phone number
which goes to Lisa and email goes to Cathy.  The incoming Family has lost many assets.  Stephanie Nattestad has four
bins with excess which contains 3 and 4T boys.  She is willing to take any clothes at this point.  If more room is
needed possibly use church space.  So far Stephanie is good with current process.

Financial Update:
$3300 in Grace account
however only $800 is undesignated fund
FF received $2000 gift.
$1000 for legal
$1000 for sunshine fund : for families that cannot afford FF events. Guidelines for the fund.
$500 for Grace endowment
$32 for adopt a child.

family focus of southcentral wisconsin, inc
Cathy sending raw file of logo to Chris.
meeting agenda page
Contact page with pictures / short bio
Sign up page to google doc spreadsheet.
Communications and events to have access to website.
Send dev link to everyone for review in April
Launch website May 1st.
All public communication to go through gmail account.
Chris Meister will monitor
Create DL
Case# database for email commuication and tracking of familes helped as well as needs.

Blooddrive :
Spoke with Michelle at Redcross.   Looking for someone to sponsor summer and fall drives ( june, august, and october )
Jun 21, Aug 23, Oct 25 from 1-6 at Amundson Center
we get people there to volunteer and advertising.
Red Cross provides staff.
We need 1 point person to contact for any reason.

1 Person
1 to 2 donor
1 to 2 cantine
4 to 5 hour shifts
Decca may be able to help.
Provide snacks
Also volunteer position to unload truck.
Possibly have a Childcare room.
We need to let Michelle know if we are going to do it.
Michelle to attend next meeting.

August 23rd Family Focus Camping trip.
22nd, 23rd, 24th.
At yellowstone in southwest wisconsin
possibly going to change to previous weekend as to remove conflict with Blood Drive.

March Pool Party,
During open pool 25% discount
1/20 $50 per hour
20/50 $75
50/75 $100

7 and under parent in pool
<12 parent in building

special events $3 per child no charge for chaperons.
Can use cafeteria during open pool if available.
Cost $12 per person normal fee for general family.

*promote easter egg presented by CAP instead. march 28th*

Flick-n-Float 25 people in pool $150 an idea for possible future plan.

Make-a-gift : April 21st.
Peggy taking over.

Lady from Fire Up Pottery - Doing it at Grace.
~$10 per piece.
Sunday afternoon 1 to 3 p.m.

Kids make a piece of pottery for that someone special in their life.

Card or Scrapbook club :
Lisa wondering if there was interesting in having a Stamp-n-Up party.

Super Supper Fund raising event
Lisa June Super Supper a theme that FF donates the raised money.

June 6th icecream social at westside park. 3:15 to 4:15

Bible Schools:
17th this month Cathy will have more information about the camps.
10-12 a.m.
$7 per person
$24 for four.

Summer School going from 6 to 4 weeks.
What to do with kids in the community to help out families.
Amanda getting CAP information for summer.

Additional Items:
2 more sexual offenders came to cambridge level 3
18 and A.

Soup Supper this week at Grace
5:15 to 6:15 Wednesday.

Next meeting