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Family Focus Annual Meeting Minutes 1/26/14


Attendance: Lisa Sperle, Staci Lein, Janet Hutchens, Renee Tobias, Peggy Punsel, Cathy Yerges, Rob Sperle, Nadine Bruenig, Jay and Samantha Fisher, Kristin Grender, Amy Hoesly, Debbie Repsumer, Elizabeth Kyburg

1.  Welcome and Opening prayer- Lisa opened with a New Beginnings Devotion.  All were introduced.

2.  Approval of 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes- Cathy motioned to approve, Rob 2nd.  None opposed, passed.

3.  Approval of 2013 Treasurer Report-+ Renee motioned to approve, Staci 2nd, None opposed, passed.

4.  Reaffirmation of :

A.  Vision:  To have fun and foster friendship.  To share the story of Christ.  To learn from each other.  To make a difference.

B.  Mission:  Families of faith coming together for fun, friendship, and community.  We as a group we want to be good stewards of God and our community by using our time, talent, and treasures to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

C.  Purpose: 

            1.  To bring families of faith together for fun, friendship, and community.

2.  To promote, support, and encourage Christian values inside and outside the home.

3.  To give back to our Communities by being good stewards of what God has provided us.

5.  Nominations: Cathy moved to accept new board appointments, Staci 2nd.  None opposed, passed.

            President: Lisa Sperle

            Vice Presidents: Peggy Punsel

            Treasurer- Nadine Breunig

            Secretary- Renee Tobias

            Community Liaisons - Janet Hutchens

            Publicity/Technology- Elizabeth and Kenny Kyburz

            Event Coordinator- Amy Hoesly

6.  Update on Not-for-Profit Status- Received Tax documents for 2013.  No other news.

7.  Monthly meeting time/location-  Sundays at 5:30 board/ 6pm Public still agreeable with new board members.  Discussion about different location.  Janet will follow up with CamRock Sport about possibility of hosting there.

8.  Proposed Yearly Event Calendar- See attached

9.  Insurance- $1500/yr for Church mutual, $650/yr for Amundsen- Peggy will get official quote for next meeting.

10.  Closing Prayer