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Family Focus Minutes 4/6/14


Executive Board

Attendance: Lisa, Nadine, Joe, Renee, Amy Elizabeth, Peggy, Janet

1. Secretaries Report-March minutes- Janet motioned to approve, Amy 2nd- all approved

2.  Treasurer’s Report-(Nadine) state status done.  Working on taxes now, will be done by May.

3.  Old Business

a. Newsletters (Elizabeth)- Need to add Elizabeth as owner on shutterfly.  She will organize pics and standard letter to all churches and school.  Nadine will rework logo. 

b. Website (Elizabeth)-  needs new pics and bios.  Will continue to update and rework website to better suit our needs.

4.  New Business

a. Joe has asked to be given more duties as a member of the board.  Renee motioned for Joe to be added as Co Vice Pres.  Elizabeth 2nd, all approved.

b.  Board Position Duties/Descriptions (Lisa)- tabled

b. Self promotion (Amy) - Discussed different options of something to pass out.  Amy will create something on Vistaprint to hand out at Touch-a-Truck.  Renee motioned to spend $200 for promotional materials.  Elizabeth 2nd, all approved.

Public Meeting

Attendance : as above, Samantha Fischer, Kristen Grunder, Staci Lein, Debbie Repsummer

1.  Update from other organizations

a. CART (Staci)- no new needs.  Will always need transportation volunteers.

b. Joining Forces for Families (Janet)- WI medical facility resources MTM presented at last JFF meeting.  In need for those wanting to facility transportation.  Discussed difficulty with car seats and transporting children.  Any one interested in helping this organization see Janet for info.

2.  Old Business

a.  Butterbraid Fundraiser (Lisa)-  Sold $1150.  Discussed the increased number of those asking for them after already purchased.  May need to purchase extra next year to sell after.

b.  Soup Supper(Lisa)- Raised $150

c.  Smokey Hollow Camping (Renee) Discussion of reservations already made and if interest increases, may need to reserve more.  $15/person per night.  No cap for family.  Only includes lodging.  Not FF sponsored event.  Renee collecting money for reservations

3.  New Business

a.  Make-a-Gift (Peggy)-April 13th from 1-3- Need treats/snacks.  Kristin, Lisa, and Renee will supply.  Nadine will bring hand/foot washing trays. 

b.  Touch-a-Truck- May 10th (Peggy, Janet)  Will need photo boards, wagon to transport drinks, igloos for drinks, donated baked goods, and volunteers to staff.  Baked goods to be delivered to Peggy’s by 8pm on Friday night.

c.  Yellowstone Camping trip (Renee/Lisa) August 8-10th- Will develop camp committee to meet in upcoming months to finalize plans for camping.  Staci has volunteered to help also.  Joe will contact Pastor Jess to see if interested in having a small service.

d.  Amazing Race- (Joe)Sept 13th Peggy, Joe, Lisa, and Elizabeth signed up to help lead.  Amazing Race committee will meat the 2nd Thursday of each moth at the Sperle Household

e.  Ice Cream Social (Cathy) June 6th

f.  Other- Received an anonymous donation of $500.  Kristen brought up adding a trunk or treat to our October calendar.

4. Next meeting-May 4th 5:30 board, 6pm public at CamRock Cafe