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Public Meeting Commencing 6:33 p.m.
10 in attendence

Camrock Cleanup  ( 10-1 11MAY2013 )
Lynn has distributed flyers.  Make spreadsheets of signups available to public.  Renee has the supplies.  Bin of paper products to be picked up from Renee.  Lemonade to be purchased if needed.  County is promoting through Stake in the Lakes.  Two 5 gallons of Lemonade and one five gallon container of water.  Yerges will have water.  Lisa, Cathy, Lynn, and Renee have containers for liquids. 

9:30 event will start.  Noon the food will be ready.  Education stations will be at Camrock 1.

Dane county managing a program "Take A Stake in the Lakes"
  • 27 lanyards
  • 25 t-shirts
  • 10 flashlights
  • 5 water bottles
  • 1 rental coupon from Camrock Cafe

Will promote Camrock Cafe & Sport 7:00 music during the event.  Promoted through Camrock Cafe & Sport Facebook and newsletter.  Register as a park volunteer for the park.  They will be sent on various trails.  Cathy suggested a stamp track.  Once they get the stamp return to food stand for choice of gift on first come first serve basis.  Need large garbage bags.  Encourage folks to bring their own water bottles to reduce the need for cups.   Food Pantry Garden is at 8 in the morning.  Janet has two Take a Stake in the Lakes signs that can be put up.

Penny Drive ( 06-10May 2013 )

Penny Drive is going on this week for Caleb.  Flyers have gone out on Friday.  Ice cream party by grade.  The most collected based on the average per student per grade collected will win the ice cream social.  Cathy is looking for matching donations from businesses.

Touch-A-Truck ( 10-noon 18May2013 )

Creating presentation and bringing table.  Cathy will get Chris info to print of at Kinko's.  Four dozen cookies etc. per person.  Bring 5 gallons of lemonade.  Donation box for library donations at Touch-A-Truck and Icecream Social.

Icecream social 06JUN2013 3:15 while supplies last.  Children must be accompanied by parents.

Lien Auction ( 10:00-2 19May2013 )

All proceeds of concession stand go to Family Focus.  300 to 315 people.  Auction starts at 10:00 a.m.  Pulled pork, sandwiches, hot dogs, brats, baked goods, pickles, coffee, chips, bottled water, and soda.  Food cost to come out of budget.  Lisa organizing as done with wrestling meets.  Getting hamburger and brat buns from Piggly Weekly.  Talk to Craig Carpenter about donating some donuts.  Cinnamon Rolls, Muffins, Donuts for the morning crowd.  Possibly make the cinnamon rolls at Grace and borrow a couple large sheets.  Sign up for setup, shifts, and breakdown.  Four people per shift kids can help with orders.  Contact Decca about getting Juniors to volunteer.  Talk to FFA about volunteering.

Memorial Day Parade ( 10:00 27MAY2013 )

9:00 lineup on South Street at Middle School.  Contact Peggy for T-shirt $10.  Everyone welcome to walk.  Please wear t-shirt.  Get banners from Renee and put them on poles.  Cathy ordering "God Bless America" signs.

Blood Drive ( 12-6:00 21JUN2013 )

Get status from Staci when she returns from vacation.

Yellowstone Camping ( 15AUG2013 - 18AUG2013 )

Renee and Lisa out of commission due to other obligations.  Going on as planned.  Lisa will manage, however need families to volunteer to handle the actual work.  Can bring your own alchohol, however to stay in line with Family Focus vision, we will not have bar available.  Next meeting will begin to organize volunteers.  If anyone is interested, please send an email to familyfocusmail@gmail.com. Signup sheet will be made available on website.  Sites 1-3 at Yellowstone have been reserved.

Future Events

  • Thinking about Fired uP Pottery in October as a Breast Cancer event.
  • Other events through the end of the year will be brought up for planning.
  • Schuster Farm event planning


All communication pertaining to events should be approved by Event Lead prior to sending.  Including website, email, facebook, g+, twitter, flyers, and newspapers.

New Items:
  • Joining Forces for Families - Dane County services - working on brochure to be handed out for participating organizations to provide information to community members in need.
  • CART another organization in Cambridge that is bringing together resources for local families in need.
  • Any ideas for projects should be brought up at next meeting, since there is no meeting in July.

02JUN2013 meeting at KeyStone Grill.

Motion to adjourn by Lisa, seconded by Janet.