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Family Focus Minutes 2/214


Executive Board

Attendance: Janet, Renee, Lisa, Amy, Joe

1. Secretaries Report-Jan minutes- Lisa moved to approve, Janet 2nd, none opposed-passed

2.  Treasurer’s Report- nothing new

3.  Old Business

a. Insurance options- Peggy sent the information from the agent.  Agreed we wished a semi annual payment and that final papers could be brought forward at the next meeting.

b. Google Doc for record keeping- need to further discuss when all members present.  Will obtain information from Cathy

c.  Meeting Location- agreed to give Camrock Sport the opportunity to host.  No food served after 6pm okay.  Will change locations starting in March

4.  New Business

a. Duties of different Board Members-  Need to start working on position descriptions and duties.          

b. New board members- conflict of interest, code of conduct- New board needs to sign another set of commitments.

c.  Butterbraid Fundraiser- (Lisa)  Agreed to go ahead with fundraiser to raise money for FF operation costs.  Will sell in March for April Delivery.

d.  Grace newsletter need prior to 15th of each month.  Other churches seem to be after this date and could use an adapted version on Grace’s

Public Meeting

Attendance : as above, Staci, Samnatha

1.  Update from other organizations

a. CART (Staci) - nothing new

b. Joining Forces for Families (Janet)- nothing new

c.  Family Promise- 3 adults and 3 children will be hosted at Grace.  We have offered to supply the meal for the 13th.  Lisa will work with Cathy on supplying.  Cathy will be hosting a Valentines Party with Grace Lutheran from 5:30-7:30- RSVP to Cathy if interested in attending.

2.  Old Business

a.  Sledding and Chili Cook off- canceled

b.  Blood Drive Feb 28th (Staci)- Both banks have agreed to host sign up tables for the Drive.  Will have a table at Piggly Wiggly also.  Need volunteers for snacks and shifts 1-6pm

3.  New Business

a.   Bowling Event (Peggy/Ann) proposed date of April 26th and run as 50/50- tabled for further discussion

b.  Grace Coffee Hour (Renee)- March 2nd.  Will be serving butter braids to start off fundraiser.  Will recruit other snacks and others to help serve.

c.   Make-a-Gift (Peggy)-proposed date of April 6th from 1-3, Peggy will follow up with Fired up Pottery

d. Camping- Joe invited those who would like to join him camping the Sun-Tues after July 4th at Sleepy Hollow in Yurts or Cabins

e.  Reminder that the Young Camper garage sale for Grace Lutheran is April 11-12th.  Donations being accepted.

f.  Items raised to discuss at future meeting- Amazing Race,  Self Advertising (bookmarks w/tearoff, prizes drawn from tearoff), Summer Camping Trip

4. Next meeting- March 2nd at Camrock Sport and Cafe

5. Staci moved to adjorn, Renee 2nd- Closed in Prayer